Eda Durust is an artist whose work includes illustration, animation, photography and video production.  She believes in being multi-faceted and constantly developing herself in different artistic techniques in order to be better and more creative in any given one of them. 

Eda Durust was born in 1991 in Istanbul.  She spent her earlier years living in Turkey and Switzerland before moving to UK for her undergraduate studies. 

Eda graduated from the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins - London, UK- with a Bachelors Degree in Moving Image, Graphic Design (BAGD) in 2013. While attending college she worked in a production/photography studio. There, Eda developed her photography and video skills and learned the intricacies of lighting, production and editing.  She was involved in the production of fashion photo shoots and advertising videos. 

After her graduation, she moved back to Istanbul, where she worked as a freelancer. Eda’s work included photo shoots for famous singers, and, producing marketing videos for major brands.  

She moved back to London, UK in 2014 where she started her Master Degrees in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins.  During her studies she discovered her artistic identity and created her unique style that leverages multiple contrasting objects, themes and aspects of popular culture. Upon publishing her works in social media her follower base quickly grew and she started getting attention from publications and other artists.  The attention her original style brought also led to her first solo exhibition in Istanbul, in 2015. Her exhibition, “Manipulation”, was hosted by the trendiest restaurant in Istanbul, Lucca Bebek and helped her establish herself in the creative community. 

Upon receiving her Masters Degree Eda moved back to Istanbul where she currently lives and works.  Her work has been shared in various publications and social media accounts by important magazines and artists. Eda’s illustrations also captured the attention of global major brands for social media collaborations and marketing campaigns.  Eda has done collaborations for important brands such as Adobe, Netflix, Nike, Walt Disney, Puma, Converse, and Armani. 

Eda continues to create illustrations, animations, photography and video while also working as a collaborative artist for brands.